New Menu at Popworld

We've been mixing this up in our party lab for months now and cannot wait for you to try all our brand new concoctions...

Our new menu has finally arrived! 

From a new cocktail collection to introducing some classics back into our menu, we've got everything you need to make your weekend party one to remember!

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We are very proud to introduce...


P.S they are all available as a cocktail AND a partini sharer!

Popworld Pretty in Pink Cocktail

🎀 Pretty in Pink ðŸŽ€

It's the perfect sweet spot!


Smirnoff Red vodka, bubble gum syrup and Schweppes lemonade.


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Popworld Red, White and Blue Cocktail

🔥 Red, White and Blue ðŸ”¥

This one's got a ginger kick!


Bacardi Caribbean Spiced rum, ginger syrup, lime juice and ginger beer.


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Popworld LBD Cocktail

💁‍♀️ The LBD ðŸ’â€â™€ï¸

Feeling a little bit classy and sassy!


Smirnoff Mango & Passionfruit, elderflower syrup and Prosecco.


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Popworld Wild at Heart Cocktail

🐆 Wild at Heart ðŸ†

Not your average Piña Colada...


Olmeca tequila, coconut syrup, lime juice and Funkin Piña Colada mix.


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Popworld Gym Bunny Cocktail

⚡ Gym Bunny âš¡

Giving you all the energy to hit the dancefloor!


Smirnoff Red vodka, watermelon syrup, lime juice and Red Bull Sugarfree.


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And that's not all...

Introducing our Pop Icons shot collection.

A shot version of each of our brand new Pop Icon cocktails and the perfect way to kick off the celebrations!


Pretty in Pink Shot
Smirnoff Red vodka & bubble gum syrup.

Red, White and Blue Shot
Bacardi Caribbean Spiced rum & ginger syrup.

The LBD Shot
Smirnoff Mango and Passionfruit & elderflower syrup.

Wild at Heart Shot
Olmeca tequila & coconut syrup.

Gym Bunny Shot
Smirnoff Red vodka & watermelon syrup.

Pop Icons Shot Glasses lined up

You just can't beat some of our classics!

We've kept some of your favourite cocktails as well as introducing some new classics.

Our new partini recipe serves 3 and our gumball sharer serves 8 making them the PERFECT sharer cocktails for your whole gang!

Popworld Classic Cheeky V Cocktail

🍬 Cheeky V ðŸ¬

It's back and better than ever!

We've given our Cheeky V an upgrade and can't wait for you to try our new recipe.

WKD Blue poured up with lashings of Cockburn's port and a Vimto bar to top.


Available as a Cocktail, Partini or Gumball Sharer! 


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Popworld Classics Sex on the Beach Cocktail

🍊 Sex on the Beach ðŸŠ

This one's a classic!


Another one of our new and improved recipes, try for yourself!

Smirnoff Red vodka, Archers peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice


Available as a Cocktail, Partini or Gumball Sharer! 


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Popworld Classics Pink Spritz Cocktail

🍓 Pink Spritz ðŸ“

If pink gin's your thing, this one's for you!


Gordon's Premium Pink gin with Schweppes lemonade and Prosecco.


Available as a Cocktail, Partini or Gumball Sharer! 


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Popworld Classics Jungle Juice Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

🍉 Jungle Juice ðŸ‰

Watermelon sugar, high!


For those wanting a delicious non-alcoholic choice, Red Bull Watermelon paired with orange juice.


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